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Research Assistant Job Posting

For an evaluation of data curation in machine learning, conducted by Eshta Bhardwaj, Christoph Becker, and Tegan Rajkumar-Maharaj, we are seeking up to four RA positions immediately, for the coming months.

Compensation: Stipend or casual RA contract ($35/hr)

Effort: about ~50-100h (some flexibility)

Timeline: Stage 1 is time sensitive, to be completed by mid December (<20 hours). Stage 2 is more flexible and will take place in the first half of winter term.

Description: Our study evaluates existing dataset development processes within machine learning research and develops a method for increasing transparency and improving the documentation of dataset development.

We are looking for 2-4 individuals with a research background in fields related to machine learning, data science, or computer science, who are interested in taking a closer look into the data sets used in machine learning and examine their documentation. You will learn about data curation in machine learning and its role in fairness, bias, and accountability. You will review, classify, and evaluate datasets and their documentation from published research in a machine learning conference. Successful candidates will be invited to become co-authors of the resulting research paper(s).

Candidate Requirements:

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Christoph Becker at with their CV/resume and a statement of interest right away. Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis.